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Doctor DC Podcast

Jun 13, 2018

Hello Residents! In this week’s issue we have a special guest, the Chief of Comics himself, Doctor DC Sr. joins us in the Doctor’s Office. Together we discuss a favourite subject of the Doctor’s family... logical inconsistencies. Need an example? If the Atom is made of atoms, how can he shrink to the size of an atom? We tackle questions listeners just like you sent in. 

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)



(2:45) How Dr. DC, Sr. got in to comics


Pocket of Logical Inconsistencies

(11:08) What bugs Dr. DC Sr.?

(16:01) Superman to Clark Kent?  No glasses to glasses?

(20:01) The large age differences in the Robins?

(25:30) Batman’s utility belt and grappling gun.

(33:58) How about Hawkman?

(37:15) What is the deal with Mopee?

(42:47) Favorite or most ridiculous instance where a writer has used “comicbook logic”?

(50:02) If Metamorpho can manipulate himself on an elemental level, why does not he not change his appearance?

(1:01:32) What its worth?

  • Budget for Suicide Squad (2016) or cost to build Titanic
  • Canadian average university tuition or The New Book of Comics 001
  • Apple Watch made of Kryptonite or Dean Cain’s entire salary for New Adventures of Lois and Clark
  • Batsuit worn by Christian Bale or 4000 signed photos of Dean Cain as Superman
  • One bottle of Renuyu cream or the minimum price to book Dean Cain

(1:10:09) If someone uses a time machine and travels through time, why don’t they end up floating in space due to the Earth traveling around the sun?

(1:17:08) How is anyone in the DCU skeptical about aliens and magic?

(1:20:52) Why are the heroes never unmasked after they are unconscious or captured?

(1:26:52)  The “I can’t tell my family” and the “breaking up with lovers” to keep them safe tropes.

(1:33:13) Why do guys with guns never aim at Batman’s unprotected mouth?

(1:36:58) Where is Superman keeping the cape and boots when he’s in his civilian clothes?

(1:42:13) The physics of Martian Manhunter’s shapeshifting and clothing.

(1:43:09) What is the BIGGEST inconsistency in DC comics?


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