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Doctor DC Podcast

May 16, 2018

In this week's issue we're talking all about the natural kingdoms of the DC Universe!

The Green, The Red, The Rot, and everything else is up for discussion! You break out your questions about these natural kingdoms and their avatars, and we answer them! But first we discuss the latest in DC news

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry


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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

News & Notes

(2:20) Booster Gold Receives Batpoint Makeover

(3:43) DC Comics Will No Longer Offer Digital Copies

(8:17) Online Leaks Hint at Superman Game from Rocksteady

(13:16) Swamp Thing TV Series in the Works for DC’s New Digital Platform

(16:37) Justice League Will Pit Flash Against the Still Force/Snyder’s Justice League Adding Invisible Spectrum

(18:31) Margot Kidder Passes Away

(20:34) Birds of Prey Movie Pitched at R-Rated Movie

(23:43) Legion of Doom is Coming to Justice League

(23:58) Lord of the Rings Director Eyeing DCEU

(31:13) Death of Superman Releases First Official Trailer

(35:20) Batman: TAS Table Top Game Coming Our Way


Natural Kingdoms

(39:29) Is the New 52 Animal Man worth reading?  Does it tie in to Swamp Thing?

(41:36) Will the Grey Kingdom ever get its own series?

(43:32) How does Earth 2 Green Lantern fit in?  What about Stan Lee’s?

(46:53) If all the current avatars were to sever their connections, who would you like to see become the new avatars?

(51:53) What do you think of Charles Soule run of Swamp Thing adding Machine and Bacteria?

(55:48) Poison Ivy evolving from a gimmicking villain to an anti-hero with ties to the Green.

(1:00:35) Were Beast Boy’s powers always connected to the Red?

(1:03:52) Has there ever been reference to these realms existing on other worlds?  Have they ever been connected to our own?

(1:10:37) How does the Morphogenetic Field actually work?

(1:15:37) What would be a good starting off point reading-wise?

(1:21:00) Does Vixen or Beast Boy get their powers from the Red?

(1:23:36) Why don’t we see more of the other kingdoms like the Clear or the White?


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