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Doctor DC Podcast

Mar 6, 2019

In this week we sit down with filmmaker Neil Macdonald to talk all about the Burton-Schumacherverse Batman films!

Join us in our deep dive of all four of these Batman modern classics... three classics....two?...You decide!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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Meet Neil Macdonald

(1:53) What Neil does

(4:15) Film school

(5:50) Describing Neil's asthetic

(11:00) Neil's career path

(14:10) Neil's comic history

(16:50) Memories of the Burton-Schumacherverse

(21:50) The Superman movie that almost was

(23:55) The 1989 Batman film


The Burton-Schumacherverse

(29:59) Worst/cheapest special effect in Batman & Robin, Robin being trapped in Ivy's vines.

(34:41) Confirming that the only good one is the first one?

(39:46) Bane.  Explain.

(48:03) Recasting a villain, adding villains, adding members of the Bat-family, casting Batman.

(59:27) Continuing the universe after Batman & Robin.

(1:03:20) What should have been carried over from the films to the comics?

(1:13:29) What story arcs did the films draw from?

(1:20:30) Which one is the guilty pleasure?

(1:27:41) Which actor gave the best villain performance?

(1:34:05) Why is Batman Forever named Batman Forever?

(1:40:48) What unique to the movies worked and what didn't?

(1:44:02) Casting Harley Quinn.

(1:48:13) Reimagining the Burtonverse to fit the Evil Alfred narrative.

(1:52:36) Was Tim Burton's Batman "killing" an issue for fans?


Dial Doc

(1:59:29) The Projectionist

(2:01:05) The Willow Man

(2:01:55) The Key Grip


Characters, Places, Things

**All links reference the character 's Burtonverse appearance unless otherwise noted**

Bane (Bane) (Nolanverse)


Batman (Burtonverse) (Nolanverse)

Catwoman (Burtonverse)

Harvey Dent (Burtonverse) (Nolanverse)

Jason Woodrue

Joker (Burtonverse) (Nolanverse)

Man-Bat (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Max Schrek

Mister Freeze


Poison Ivy



Scarecrow (Nolanverse)

Solomon Grundy (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)


Recommended Reading & Viewing

Batman: No Man's Land

Batman: Year One

Batman (1989 Film)

Batman Returns

Batman Forever

Batman & Robin



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