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Doctor DC Podcast

Apr 1, 2019

APRIL FOOLS! Once again, streaming from elsewhere in the Multiverse, Producer Richard and Doctor AC/DC discuss the band’s lasting legacy! But first they try to make sense of some of the news that's fit to print!


News and Notes

(1:33) Letter written by ACDC's Bon Scott Bought by Australian Government

(6:56) Rumors Are Abound About a New AC/DC Record



(14:35) Thoughts on Axl Rose as AC/DC's frontman after Brian Johnson left the band?

(21:04) How come AC/DC did not win a Grammy?  What should they have won for?

(25:20) Who could replace Malcolm Young?

(32:24) The Doc's thoughts on the misogyny prevalent in the lyrics?

(36:18) Coveted AC/DC merch.

(39:37) Which album sums up the band the best as a whole?

(43:01) What bands have been influenced by AC/DC?

(46:49) Most insane/tastiest lick in all of AC/DC's discography?

(54:25) The Doctor's Hair Metal Breakdown.

(59:50) Two really cool facts about AC/DC music.

(67:18) AC/DC can help combat cancer.



AC/DC Discography

AC/DC Grammy History

Axl Takes Over for Brian Johnson

Sabrina Comics

"Thunderstruck" Helps Combat Cancer



Axl Rose

Bon Scott

Brian Johnson

Gary Clark Jr

Josh Homme

Malcolm Young