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Doctor DC Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

In this week’s issue, we talk all about DC’s various live-action television endeavors! But first, we dive into the news that's fit to print. 

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


New & Notes

(2:40) Batman Damned Controversy

(6:23) 80’s Hero is Justice League Dark’s Next Major Villain

(8:38) Birds of Prey Movie Gets Release Date and Casting News

(18:51) Scott Lobdell to Write Nightwing 051 to 053

(23:15) New Martian Manhunter Series

(30:34) Zack Snyder Confirms Atom was in Justice League

(32:00) Robotman Set Photos Released

(37:01) Brainiac Set to be Main Villain of Supergirl Film

(41:42) First Video Released of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker



(58:36) Thoughts on the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow Season 3?

(1:04:45) Favorite easter eggs that allude to previous iterations?

(1:11:40) Do you believe the Arrowverse has set a good primer for what to expect in comics, and more importantly, representation/diversity?

(1:21:00) Strongest element of each live action show from the past 10 years?

(1:29:37) What character does the Doctor want a TV show based off?

(1:33:07) Why all the hate on Barry for saving his mom when the Legends mess with the timeline every episode?

(1:36:40) Will Bruce Wayne show up on Arrow eventually?

(1:38:03) Will DC phase out the cheese and “over-inflated” storylines?

(1:43:36) Why no Green Lantern?

(1:47:43) What kind of Ted Kord/Blue Beetle show could be done in the Arrowverse?


Dial Doc

(1:51:06) Mr. Ancestry

(1:52:40) Carnivol


Recommended Reading & Viewing