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Doctor DC Podcast

Sep 19, 2018

Following the death of our co-host in a freak dirigible accident, this week’s issue explores the outer limits of space and those adventurous spacefaring characters of the DC Universe! But first we dive into the news that's fit to print. 

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News and Notes

(5:35) Old Robin Meets New in DC Universe’s Titans

(8:38) Henry Cavill is out as Superman

(14:03) New Images of Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

(16:48) Batman is Gaining a New Bird Themed Partner

(18:27) DC Announces New Martian Manhunter Series from Orlando & Rossmo

(20:34) Swamp Thing Names Len Wiseman as Pilot’s Director

(24:10) Flash Season 5 Images Released

(30:01) DC Will Reveal True Hawkman Origin

(21:45) Batman Animated Series Opening Remastered in HD



(40:44) Why do Rann and Thanagar have so many issues?

(43:36) Didn’t a Thanagarian blood cult convince the populace that Rann was to blame for the planet for falling in to a star?

(46:20) Jemm, Son of Saturn.  Are there other Saturnians?

(50:36) Who is Adam Strange?

(54:20) Why does Earth have so many Green Lanterns?  Which one spends the most time in space?

(1:00:30) What cosmic beings hold physical manifestations?

(1:04:58) What Earth Green Lantern would you like to see a solo series of?  What general Green Lantern?

(1:12:57) The Wanderers origin and how they tie in to Legion continuity.

(1:15:53) Are there any Green Lantern stories that take place in Earth’s sector that does not involve Earth?

(1:23:05) Space Cabbie, the greatest unsung hero of the DC Universe?

(1:25:35) Best non-Green Lantern stories to read for an intro the DC cosmos?

(1:29:33) Why didn’t Kryptonians abandon their planet and live somewhere with a yellow sun?

(1:36:15) Methods of quick interstellar travel.


Dial Doc

(1:42:36) The Bamboozler

(1:44:12) Blarney Stone


Characters, Places, Things

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