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Doctor DC Podcast

Sep 5, 2018

In part two of this two-part series we explore times when DC has ripped off ideas and characters and stories from Marvel...As if that's ever happened... But first we talk about the latest news that’s fit to print!

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News & Notes

(2:23) Brendan Fraser to Play Robotman in Doom Patrol

(6:18) Dark Nights Metal to Get a Spinoff

(10:19) DC Nuclear Winter Special Coming in November

(13:58) Wildstorm Going on Hiatus After Issue 018

(17:26) CW’s Batwoman Has Been Cast


DC Steals from Marvel

(26:07) What are the more subtle character ripoffs? What about from the smaller publishers?

(32:42) Hank Henshaw’s space crew pre-Cyborg Superman, Red Lion, Angor, etc.

(40:35) Weren’t the creators of Swamp Thing and Man Thing roommates?

(47:46) Are there ripoffs/nods that are important to major story lines?

(52:27) John Walker’s Captain America storyline predates Knightfall.

(58:10) Is Harley becoming Deadpool intentional?

(1:01:25) Why do they copy each other?  How do they get around copyright laws?

(1:08:41) Which came first, Namor or Aquaman?

(1:14:40) Examples of Jack Kirby stealing or reusing his own ideas.


Dial Doc

(1:18:05) Mantle-Man

(1:19:05) Juan Cholo

(1:20:33) Admiral Nationalism

(1:22:50) Mosquito Fella


Niko Stratis

DC Characters, Places, Things

Marvel Characters, Places, Things


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