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Doctor DC Podcast

Jul 11, 2018

Hello Residents! In this issue, we are joined by comic book geek and film expert Matthew Poulter to discuss Christopher Nolan’s modern classic Dark Knight trilogy - what worked, what didn’t, and what we wish we had seen!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


(2:55) Meet Matthew Poulter

(12:40) Intro to the Nolanverse

(23:10) Rank the three movies.

(27:56) Do you think a Joseph Gordon-Levitt film could have worked?

(35:46) Do you believe that the Nolanverse showed that the quality of the world must be as important as any part of the story?

(44:24) It seems that while these movies are eternal, the ending was disappointing.  Thoughts?

(54:40) What villain would you like to have seen get the Nolanverse treatment?

(1:03:11) What hero would you like see to have seen besides Green Arrow?

(1:10:59) Does Gotham Knight count as part of the Nolanverse?  If so, does Killer Croc fit the style?

(1:15:43) If Heath Ledger had not died, what would have Dark Knight Rises looked like?

(1:21:02) What do you think of the theory that there were hidden villains in the movies?

(1:28:38) At the end of The Dark Knight, why doesn’t Batman reveal his identity to Harvey?

(1:33:15) How would the DCEU look if Nolan’s Batman been in the universe?


Guest Appearance


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