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Doctor DC Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

Ding Ding! June is Fan Month (aka FANAGAR) and we’re kicking it off with a simple theme: Who Would Win?

You picked any two characters and the Doctor went over their main stats/abilities and we figured out who would win in a fight. But first we discuss the latest in DC News. 


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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)

News and Notes

(1:08) Batman: Ninja Anime Gets Its Own Manga Adaptation

(3:10) Hawkman and Hawkgirl Getting Their Own Movie?

(4:25) Return of a Major Character Hinted at by Wonder Woman 2 Set Video

(6:12) New DC Superhero Girls Coming

(8:09) Krypton Season 2 Teaser Released

(11:21) Hawkman Returns Next Month in New Ongoing Series

(12:23) Joker Headlines a New Game in DC Lego Supervillains Trailer

(16:04) Robert Kirkman is Getting His Own Show


The Doctor’s Pulls

(17:38) Justice League - No Justice

(19:18) Deadpool 2


Fight Night

(22:39) Green Arrow vs Captain Boomerang

(26:51) Flash vs Sinestro

(30:42) Batman vs Count Vertigo

(34:03) Superman vs Black Hand

(37:20) Colin vs Richard

(38:40) Fate vs Constantine

(41:56) Lord Havok vs Steel

(46:45) Reverse Flash vs Swamp Thing

(49:35) Firestorm vs Metamorpho

(54:35) Forward Flash vs Reverse Swamp Thing

(58:17) Hal Jordan vs anyone with less willpower

(1:02:53) Wonder Woman vs Black Adam

(1:05:39) Nightwing vs Red Hood

(1:09:11) Cyborg vs Lex Luthor

(1:11:14) Beast Boy vs Vixen

(1:15:38) Arm-Fall-Off Boy vs Ambush Bug

(1:19:19) B’wana Beast vs Animal Man

(1:22:17) Plastic Man vs Metamorpho

(1:24:20) Mr. Terrific vs Brainiac-5

(1:26:52) Supergirl vs Wonder Woman

(1:30:41) Orphan vs Karate Kid

(1:33:08) Spectre vs Phantom Stranger

(1:36:03) Rama Kushna vs Trigon

(1:39:05) Alan Scott vs Dr. Fate

(1:40:47) Ragman vs Katana

(1:42:50) Condiment King vs Ratcatcher

(1:44:38) Batman vs His Inner Demons

(1:45:37) Barry Allen vs Wally West

(1:46:35) Martian Manhunter vs current Teen Titans



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