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Doctor DC Podcast

Mar 21, 2018

In this week’s issue we talk all about Hawk & Dove!

Any iteration of the team, their powers, their personalities, or their adventures is fair game! But first we dive into the world that is DC News. From details about an Ava Duvernay directed DC movie, to Nicolas Cage finally getting to put on the cape and tights! All this and more on this week’s Doctor DC Podcast!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry


SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)
News and Notes
(1:59) DC’s Titans to feature Jason Todd -
(4:18) Lynda Carter to Receive Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame -
(5:50) Hawkman Series Coming this Summer - 
(8:06) Batman Meets Black Lightning - 
(10:00) Journalism is an Essential Theme in Upcoming Brian Michael Bendis Superman Run - 
(12:10) Teaser of the First Page Flash War Released -
(13:33) Ava DuVernay to Direct New Gods - 
(16:27) Nic Cage Has Been Cast in Teen Titans Go! -
(18:27) DC Launches New Imprint DC Black Label - 
(20:55) Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Possibility of Flashpoint Batman -
(23:22) Discovering Krypton Featurette Released - 
The Doctor’s Pulls
(31:10) Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands 005 - 
Birds of a Feather
(26:46) What is the deal with Hawk & Dove?  Why should we care?
(43:30) Ares vs. Hawk.  Both are powered by war, which is stronger?
(46:46) What is the whole Hawk/Monarch/Extant thing?
(50:16) Hawk & Dove are powered by War & Peace.  How is the power source different from straight magic?
(58:17) When did they change the sex of Dove?
(1:02:39) Do Hawk & Dove actually have differences in their powers?
(1:08:30) Who are Hawk & Dove?
(1:09:30) If Dove is against fighting and violence, why is she/he a superhero?
(1:15:12) Based on their magical origin, they should be on the same power level as Shazam.
(1:17:56) Why was Dove 2 immune to the Black Lanterns?
Characters, Events, Entities, 
Stories, Arcs, Issues
Everything Else