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Doctor DC Podcast

Jan 17, 2018

In this issue we chill out and discuss the heroes and villains who've been given the cold shoulder in DC comics, movies, and tv shows. We learn how Captain Cold got his gun, and we learn more than you could imagine about the true king of cold, Mr. Freeze! But first we find out where Colin was, and we take a polar bear plunge into this week in news... All this and more on the Doctor DC Podcast!

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry


Prescribed Reading from Issue #40:

Showcase vol. 1 #8 – The first appearance and origin of Leonard Snart, better known as Captain Cold

Forever Evil #4 – Captain Cold explains how he is able to build and repair his cold gun despite his relative lack of education

All-American Comics vol. 1 #90 – Icicle makes his debut against the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott

Infinity Inc. vol. 1 #34 – The first appearance of Cameron Mahkent as Icicle Jr., as a member of the villainous Injustice Unlimited

Batman vol. 1 #121 – The first appearance of Mister Freeze, though he initially went by the name Mister Zero

Batman: Mr. Freeze – This graphic novel introduced the modern origin of Mister Freeze, in which he is trying to cure his ailing wife, Nora

Batgirl vol. 1 #69 – After being dipped in the Lazarus Pit, Nora Fries is mutated and gains the ability to raise the dead, calling herself Lazara


SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)
Hyrax headed to Central City
John Ridley takes on the other history of the DC universe
Tom King announces Sanctuary
Teen Titans Go Teaser Trailer and Poster
Batman #38 - Bruce Wayne becomes Batman’s latest villain
Solo Cyborg Movie
Green Lantern Corp movie
Bendis’s First Issue
Cold Snap
Can you explain how Captain Cold got his gun?
Is Mr. Freeze Dr. Freeze before he finishes his doctorate?
Who is Icicle Jr and Sr in the comics?
Batman The Animated Series
Is he [Mr. Freeze] still able to reproduce or is he shooting blanks due to the cold?
Is Mr. Freeze hairless all over?