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Doctor DC Podcast

Nov 2, 2017

In this week's issue, we talk secret identities. We discuss whether it's the person in or out of the cape and cowl who counts, the times when people find out who's behind the mask, and why superheroes have a disguise at all? But first we see what new in DC news. Are they retconning Poison Ivy in Gotham? Will Zachary Levi do a good job captaining the marvel of a movie known as Shazam! Listen in to find out more!

Intro music by Aaron Barry


Prescribed Reading from Issue #21:

Identity Crisis – Mini-series exploring issues of trust and secrets, as well as the protection of identity, within the Justice League

Justice League vol. 2 #5 – Batman reveals his secret identity to Green Lantern

JLA vol. 1 #43-46 – “Tower of Babel” storyline, which saw Batman’s contingencies stolen and used against the Justice League

The Flash Secret Files & Origins vol. 1 #3 – Wally West reveals himself as the new Flash in order to honour Barry Allen’s sacrifice

Adventure Comics vol. 1 #452 – Black Manta removes his helmet and reveals that he is, in fact, black

Infinite Crisis #6 – Black Lightning reveals to Mister Terrific how he chose his superhero moniker

Black Canary vol. 4 – A 12-issue series in which Dinah tours as the eponymous lead singer of the band “Black Canary”

Batman vol. 1 #47 – After learning Batman’s identity, Joe Chill is killed by criminals who blame him for creating the superhero