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Doctor DC Podcast

Oct 11, 2017

In this second issue of "DocTober" things get extra spoooooky talking about "Serial Killers" in the DC Universe. From A to Zsasz we break down some of DC's most frightening villains and answer questions from listeners like you! But first we tackle the latest in DC news! That's right it's time to talk NYCC and all the hot news to come out of it! 


Intro theme by Aaron Barry


Prescribed Reading from Issue #18:


Batman vol. 1 #666 – 1st appearance of the Flamingo

Detective Comics vol. 1 #875 – As a child, James Gordon Jr. is accused of the murder of Bess Keller, a friend of Barbara Gordon

Batman Chronicles vol. 1 #3 – The origin of Victor Zsasz, as told by the serial killer himself

Detective Comics vol. 1 #815-816 – After realizing that he had not killed Alfred, Zsasz goes mad knowing that his kill tally is incorrect

Vigilante vol. 1 #50 – Adrian Chase, aka the Vigilante, burdened by the guilt of his many murders, takes his own life

Green Arrow vol. 3 #12 – The 1st appearance of the serial killer known as Onomatopoeia