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Doctor DC Podcast

Sep 27, 2017

In this issue we go deep into the mail bag and pull out some of the many unanswered questions our amazing listeners have sent in, but first we break down the newest in DC news. Is Crisis coming to the CW? What lies beneath the gossip of the new Justice League movie? Is Zack Snyder returning?? All this and more in our first ever mail sack mixed bag that is the FANSTRAVAGANZA!

P.S. Listen all the way through for some exciting news.


Prescribed Reading from Issue #16:

The Man of Steel vol. 1 – John Byrne’s 1986 mini-series that established that Superman’s powers were the result of low-level telekinesis

Sins of Youth: Superman Jr. and Superboy Sr. #1 – Kon-El gains heat vision powers similar to Superman, which are not derived from his tactile telekinesis

DC One Million #4 – Superman Prime, otherwise known as the original Superman, had lived inside the Sun for over fifteen thousand years, gaining immortality by feeding off nothing but solar energy

Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 1 #236-237 – The marriage of Legion founding members Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl

Adventure Comics vol. 1 #306 – 1st appearance of the Legion of Substitute Heroes

Aquaman vol. 7 #1 – A bullet ricochets off Aquaman’s head, showing his superhuman durability

Aquaman vol. 5 #2 – Aquaman loses his hand to out-of-control piranhas.

House of Mystery vol. 1 #156 – the 1st appearance of the H-Dial

House of Mystery vol. 1 #160 – Robby Reed uses the H-Dial and is transformed into Plastic Man

Resurrection Man vol. 1 #1 – The 1st appearance and origin of Mitch Shelley, the Resurrection Man