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Doctor DC Podcast

Sep 20, 2017

In this issue we talk with Colin about his thoughts on last week's assigned reading of Booster Gold! But first we talk some DC news! Finally DC announces the official director of Wonder Woman 2, we discuss the loss of yet another prolific comic contributor, and we even discuss Gotham's newest trailer. All this and more... 


Theme song by: Aaron Barry


Prescribed Reading from Issue #15:

Booster Gold vol. 1 #7 - Colin's reading assignment, where Superman and Booster Gold fight over what it means to be a hero

Booster Gold vol. 1 #1 - 1st appearance of Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold

Justice League America vol. 1 #69 - Booster Gold coins the name of the monster Doomsday

Booster Gold vol. 2 #27 - Rip Hunter is revealed to be the future son of Booster Gold

Batman and Robin vol. 1 #16 - Bruce Wayne creates Batman Incorporated to fund worldwide crimefighting

Booster Gold vol. 2 #1-6 - The arc that establishes Booster's mission to defend time at the expense of his own reputation