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Doctor DC Podcast

Aug 30, 2017

In this issue we go LIVE from YukomiCon! We sit down with 90's Canadian icon and YTV superstar PJ Fresh Phil Guerrero and find out what life is like being a beloved kids superstar, and what it's been since. And, fittingly, we spend a lot of time on DC Comics in the 90's. 

Check out Phil's series "The Velvet Ropeline" on SessionsX.

Intro by Aaron Barry


Prescribed Reading from Issue #12:

Suicide Squad vol. 1 - The original run of the supervillain team, led by soldier Rick Flag Jr

DC vs. Marvel Comics - A 4-issue limited series in which the heroes and villains of the DC and Marvel Universes were pitted against each other

Green Lantern vol. 3 #48-50 - "Emerald Twilight", the story arc which saw Hal Jordan succumb to fear, destroy the Green Lantern Corps, and become the supervillain known as Parallax

Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1 - A petty use of a Green Lantern ring, Guy Gardner creates a "Bye Bye Bats" construct while he moons the Dark Knight

Superman vol. 2 #75 - The Death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday

Action Comics vol. 1 #687-690 - Following the story of The Eradicator, who steals Superman's corpse and places it in the Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix in order to power himself