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Doctor DC Podcast

Aug 23, 2017

In this issue we tackle social justice and Nazi's in the DC Universe. First we break down the latest in DC news: Tim Burton's Joker is coming back, The Flash is getting yet another Harrison Wells, why is Dolph Lundgren in the new Aquaman Movie, and much more!

Intro by Aaron Barry


All-Star Squadron vol. 1 #38-40 - The Klan-themed Real American attempts to kill Amazing Man, a black superhero from the war era

Master Comics vol. 1 #21 - 1st appearance of Captain

Nazi Power of Shazam! vol. 1 #19 - Captain Marvel Jr. fights his archenemy, Captain Nazi

Swamp Thing vol. 1 #1 - The origin of Alec Holland as Swamp Thing

All-Star Squadron vol. 1 #37 - Hitler uses the Spear of Destiny to corrupt heroes, becoming the in-canon reason that superheroes weren't able to simply end the war

G.I. Combat vol. 1 - A run of non-superhero war comics, following the stories and missions of soldiers

National Comics vol. 1 #1 - the 1st appearance of Uncle Sam

The Multiversity: Mastermen #1 - Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters wage war against the New Reichsmen of Earth 10