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Doctor DC Podcast

Oct 31, 2019

In celebration of Hallowe’en, and to conclude Doctober, in this very special issue the Doctor and Producer Richard talk all about the very spooky two-issue series “Deadman: Exorcism”.

(3:13) Who is Deadman?

(5:50) The artwork and the 90's vibe.

(9:55) Introduction to the story.

(17:10) The therapist, Hugh, and the metal heads in the woods.

(22:58) Deadman sits on a church, steals a charm, and more metal heads in the woods.

(25:45) Ann Wallechinskie releases some spirits and the metal heads get possessed.

(28:20) The story goes a little off the rails.

(33:28) Recapping the first issue.

(34:38) Opening the second issue with a recap of the previous book.

(36:10) Deadman faces off the Reverend and Phantom Stranger fights the Iroquois Chief.

(37:52) Something is wrong with Deadman, Phantom Stranger tells the therapist to fix it.

(40:13) Centurion, Phantom Stranger, and Ann go to hell to stop the Iroquois Chief.

(43:09) The demons are defeated and Deadman gets prescribed therapy by Rama.

(46:32) Highlights and lowlights of the story.

(49:23) Reactions to the general feel, tone, and artwork.

(51:34) Rating, recommendation, continued interest.


Characters, Places, Things

Deadman (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Phantom Stranger (PreFlashpoint) (Rebirth)

Rama Kushna


Recommended Reading and Viewing

Deadman: Exorcism

Deadman: Love After Death





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