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Doctor DC Podcast

Jul 19, 2017

In this issue, we dissect Colin's first reading assignment: Ragman vol. 1 #1, the character's first ever appearance. Colin gives his synopsis and thoughts on the issue, and we discuss how 70's culture seeped into this fantastic story, how and why comics were different to how they are now (including ridiculous ads and subscription services), and what is Colin's honest opinion on this character and reading comics in general. 

We also dig into some great listener questions, such as what is Doctor DC's favourite run of his favourite hero, and why there is not yet an R-rated Identity Crisis animated film?

Intro by Aaron Barry


Prescribed Reading for Issue #6

Ragman vol. 1 #1-2 - the origin of Ragman

Ragman vol. 2 - post-Crisis Ragman, including retconned soul-stealing powers

Day of Vengeance - limited series where Ragman and other magical heroes (the Shadowpact) face the Spectre

Shadowpact vol. 1 - Ragman as a member of the Shadowpact following Infinite Crisis

Identity Crisis - the special limited series controversial for its portrayal / treatment of two major female characters