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Doctor DC Podcast

May 30, 2018

Due to a freak Speed Force accident, Colin is away, so that's the perfect excuse to discuss the Speed Force!

In this week's issue, we talk all about the wellspring of speedsters' powers, the speedsters themselves, and everything else related to one of the most mysterious forces in DC Comics! But first we discuss the latest in DC News.. Also, this week we introduce a new game! 

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Intro Music by Aaron Barry

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SHOW NOTES (courtesy of Josh Gill)


News and Notes

(4:12) Catwoman’s New Costume Reveal

(6:29) DC Comics Officially Cancels Green Lantern Corps

(8:48) Batman Beyond Robin Costume Revealed

(11:29) Supergirl Casting a Transgender Character for Season 4

(15:14) Patton Oswalt Has a Dark Knight Joker Theory

(18:55) Aquaman Movie Poster Reveals New Costume

(24:31) Zachary Levi Shares First Official Look At Shazam’s Costume


Because Speed Force

(31:45) When speedsters are trapped in the speed force, why is it so emotionally and psychologically draining?

(35:43) What actually is the Speed Force?

(43:55) Did the West-Allen kid cause a future Flashpoint in the finale?

(46:53) Team Barry or Team Wally?

(51:42) Can a speedster have multiple lightning rods?  Do any villains have one?

(56:21) Has the Speed Force been used as a stand-in for a higher being?

(1:00:09) Didn’t Flash lose all his power when he crossed over into the Marvel Universe?

(1:08:25) What’s faster?

(1:12:21) How does Godspeed steal speed?

(1:15:24) How does the Negative Speed Force work and does it have a consciousness?

(1:18:24) Max Mercury, Johnny Quick, Jessie Quick.  Let’s talk about some of the irregular wielders of the Speed Force.

(1:24:57) What was originally used to explain Barry’s powers?  How do Thawne’s and Zolomon’s use of the Speed Force differ? Favorite non-Flash Speed Force user?

(1:31:48) Any non-Earth based Speed Force users?  Worst use of “because Speed force?”

(1:35:43) In the comics, couldn’t Savitar make armor out of Speed Force?

(1:37:54) Has any non-speedster hero entered the Speed Force?


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