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Doctor DC Podcast

Jul 5, 2017

In this episode, we talk about the Doctor's hopes for Wonder Woman's brother's return, Joss Whedon's finishing of the Justice League movie and the new Watchmen HBO miniseries. We also find out what Doctor DC is reading!

Finally, we answer listener questions about bondage in Wonder Woman, how Atlanteans breathe underwater, and the Doctor tries to sell Colin on how Superman shaves.


Prescribed Reading

All-Star Comics vol. 1 #8 - 1st appearance of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman vol. 1 #2 - Wonder Woman's weakness to being "bound by man"

The Man of Steel vol. 1 #4 - How Superman shaves

The Atlantis Chronicles #1 - The sinking of Atlantis

Aquaman vol. 6 #16 - 1st appearance of Sub Diego

Aquaman vol. 5 - Peter David's legendary run on Aquaman; inspiration for Jason Momoa's Aquaman